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Chester Darville

Chester Darville

Flo’s Conch Bar was founded on Little Harbour island in 1993 by Chester Darville. Chester was born (nobody knows how long ago) and raised on the island but then moved away when he became of working age. After his father’s death in 1974, Chester inherited his dream to bring the family back together to the island of his up-bringing. Nearly 20 years of hard work and saving, he finally had enough to go back home and open up a business of his own.

Chester’s mother, Flo (famous for her kindness¬†and Conch Fritters), became head chef while Chester bartended, served and entertained the customers. Many other family members have also worked at Flo’s since it’s beginning;¬†Chester thus realizing his dream. Tragically, in 2011 Flo passed away and the restaurant has since employed other Berry Island locals to join the kitchen team.

Though humble beginnings, Flo’s Conch Bar now enjoys a loyal and steady stream of patrons year-round as evidenced by the 500+ Facebook fans with raging reviews. Ask anybody in the Berry Island chain and they’ll tell you exactly what you’ll get at Little Harbour; cold beer, hot food and a good time!